Great database design tips

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Louis Davidson (Dr. SQL) has a great book on the subject, but he also posted a great shorter version on simple-talk. Always a good reminder for us all...

Lookup table advice from Joe Celko

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Lookup tables or Entiry-Attribute-Value (EAV) tables are often used in SQL programming. Joe as always gives some great advice on how to properly design these kind of tables. His use of a view to prevent SQL engine from intent locking is a great idea that is new to me, I will have to remember that one.

Great SQL Functions You Should Know

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The guys over at less than dot have a great top 10 SQL Server functions you should know, that you probably have ignored until now (if you read it).

SQL 2008 Central Management Server

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SQL 2008 has some new DBA focused features, one of which is the Central Management Server for issuing multi-queries (queries against many servers at once, even down level clients) and Policy Based Management. Connections use your Windows Authentication only.

Preserving SQL Job History

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I am often migrating servers and like to keep the SQL job history more accessible than a backup I need to restore. So, I created a script for saving this information into a table for easy access later:

How do you manage database log files?

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There seems to be a lot of mis-understanding of log file management, potentially enough to cause data loss in a disaster recovery scenario. Paul Randal has an excellent blog post on the subject and survey results of what the public does:

Best Thing I Learned at PASS Summit

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Update: I won a prize for my short answer to the contest

SQL Server OLTP Disk IO Configuration Best Practices

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I am currently working on building out a new SAN (older HP EVA 8000) for new Windows 2008 and SQL 2008 migration from SQL 2005. There is so much you can tweak that I wanted to put all my thoughts in one location, so here is my brain dump which will be updated as time goes on. Listed below in order of importance.

Memcache equivalent product by Microsoft

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Microsoft is coming out with a competitive product to Memcache, one of the most popular data caching products on linux. It looks like it will be free also and available this summer.

Nice TCP Port Query and Monitoring Tools from Microsoft

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I came across some nice TCP port query tools that do better testing than DOS telnet to port x and leave a hanging connection from Microsoft.