PowerShell Script to Export SQL Schema Definition

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Ganesh Kaliaperumal created a script to export schema to files for us to easily compare with WinMerge. Check out the options and modify as needed.
Call from powershell command line like so:
.\GenerateScript.ps1 "Servername" "Adventureworks" "c:\scripts\powershell\"

Opensource for Courseware you say?

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Kevin Kline (Twitter|@KeKline) wrote up an article on SQLPASS.org about learning opportunities and opensource education couseware. This was news to me that it even existed and I know a lot about free software! There is a consortium http://www.ocwconsortium.org that has a list of the major Universities that participate, including MIT. Very cool.

My Windows 7 Upgrade Nightmare

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My experience at upgrading my HP Pavilion 9500 from Vista Ultimate x64 to Windows 7 Ultimate x64 was the worst I have read about so far. To help anyone who had my issues I documented all my fixes and posted some comments on the net for those who had same issues.

Reasons why not to shrink DB data files

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Paul Randal gives an excellent explanation of why not to shrink data files if you don't have to. http://www.sqlskills.com/BLOGS/PAUL/post/Why-you-should-not-shrink-your-data-files.aspx You can turn a <1% fragmented index to 99% fragmented index with one shrink operation.

His recommendation, if you have the extra space, is to shrink by moving data to new filegroups:

I am finalist for 2009 Exceptional DBA Award

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Since the Red-Gate software sponsored award website doesn't post much information about us, I thought I would post my application letter so you get a better feel for what I do at work. Thanks for voting - click Vote Now image on this site: http://www.exceptionaldba.com/vote.htm

SCOM 2007 R2 Service Level Dashboard

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My company uses SCOM 2007 and recently upgraded to R2, which provides a whole host of new features like linux support and Service Level Dashboards. Walter Eikenboom has some great SCOM related posts and one on this feature.

If you read the release notes, SharePoint MUST be a local install, can't do remote yet.

Windows 7 Upgrade Paths

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Windows 7 Availability Schedule

Microsoft has a Word document you can download on the subject, but I thought I would post the contents here, as why would anyone want to waste time downloading for such a short content piece, so here it is. Subject to change per MS.

Using multiple monitors in remote RDP session

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The terminal services team blog has a great post on upcoming Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 multi-monitor remote RDP sessions, including comparison to the Vista span mode. Cool things to come in next version!

Improving delete operations with SQL Server

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The SQLCAT team blog has a great tip on deleting rows efficiently to help preventing blocking and minimize log file growth http://sqlcat.com/msdnmirror/archive/2009/05/20/fast-ordered-delete.aspx.

SQLCAT team whitepaper on SQL 2008 Clustering

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SQLCAT team has come out with another very detailed whitepaper (175 pages) on SQL 2008 Clustering.