Patterns and Practices for SQL Server

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Microsoft has some great information on best practices for development and server configuration. Here are some great links.


Patterns and Practices Developer Center:


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I recently had a discussion about this with some co-workers who wanted to use the old dbcc command on SQL 2005 server. After a bit of research in BOL and web I found that indeed we should be using the new Alter Index reorganize version as it compacts LOB data also by default, other than that it uses the same algorithm.


BOL snippet:

SQLSaturday #43 Talk on Replication Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting

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This past Saturday, I gave a talk on SQL Server Replication Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting. The talk went great and everyone seemed to have learned alot. The attendance was great even though Buck Woody was talking next door. Tough competition!


I have attached my powerpoint deck of my talk to this post. Other good links for my custom replication scripts are:

Demand Media is hiring many SQL positions

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Demand Media is looking for experienced DBA. We are running on SQL 2005/2008, Windows 2003/2008, and MySQL 5/5.1. Clustering and replication experience a must. Apply at  

Hundreds of Great PowerPoint Slides and How To

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Microsoft has published 157 great Power Point template examples and how to create cool effects to spice up our slide decks:

I keep a folder on all my computer systems that store cool template files that I like and would want to re-use in the future.


SQL Replication Undelivered Command Count

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Ever wanted to get an email summary of subscriptions that are behind a certain amount? This script can do it! Just setup as a job on your distributor and it will send you a summary email with how many commands are yet to be delivered in a table format for easy reading.

SQL Replication Error Summary

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This proc will monitor for errors so you don't have to monitor Replication Monitor (Replmon) constantly, nor are you forced to use the inflexible builtin SQL Agent Job alerting. Schedule it as a job on your distributor box and it will email you only when there are errors. It will provide a code segment for you to run to see all the errors if there were multiple lines of errors, which is common, but the comments column should be enough to figure it out or at least point out that there is a problem.

How to Troubleshoot Example

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In this second installment of troubleshooting techniques at SQL University, I will be covering a couple real-world situations that should hopefully give you some ideas for your next troubleshooting scenario. If you haven’t read my first class lecture, please do so now.

How to Troubleshoot Complex Systems

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This is the first installment of troubleshooting techniques at SQL University. I am your host, Chuck Lathrope (@SQLGuyChuck) and will be guiding you through some techniques I use every day. In coming articles, we’ll get into real world examples from my work life as a DBA.

The Ultimate MS SQL Backup Script

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I am finally getting around to publishing my ultimate Microsoft SQL Server Backup scripts. All told, it is about 1600 lines of code and it can do just about anything you would need for Native or Quest Litespeed backups.

Here are some examples so you get idea of its power.