SharePoint 2010 downgrade woes

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I installed SharePoint 2010 server on top of my existing foundation install that I was already using thinking that I could convince management to pay for it. Well, no go now, so I thought I would just uninstall Sharepoint 2010 Server and have my SharePoint Foundation sitting there ready to be used. NOT! It uninstalled everything! I didn't have a Sharepoint backup, just database backups. My databases were intact, but you can't just swap databases like you could in previous versions (I tried and failed). To recover, install SharePoint Foundation all the way until you see your team site. Then go to the Administrative page Backup and Restore section (like those groupings? you can thank me as I was on usability group that helped determine them). Select the Recover data from an unattached content database, enter your servername and database name (do have to have an attached database), select Backup Site collection and backup your site to a file. Then restore using SharePoint 2010 Management Shell with Restore-SPSite http://yoursite -path e:\sharepointsite.bak -force 

Hit yes on are you sure question and presto, you have your site back, now go setup Sharepoint backup reoccurring windows task.