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Put your database on a table diet

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One of my servers db's needs a real diet, so I updated a script I found on Brent Ozar’s site to look at clustered tables and tables where counts of use sum to 0. I had to break the coalesce into parts, otherwise you get an error with date and int values showing up in the coalesce.

Uninstalling SQL Instance from Cluster

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You can't do it from Add/Remove programs, you have to do it from SQL installer, Maintenance Tab.

Passive node uninstalls take about 5-10 minutes. The active node takes a while longer.

In the picture below, I went to the Maintenance tab and selected Remove node from a SQL Server Failover Cluster and hit ok button to launch.

Hundreds of Great PowerPoint Slides and How To

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Microsoft has published 157 great Power Point template examples and how to create cool effects to spice up our slide decks: http://blogs.msdn.com/inside_office_online/archive/2009/10/29/watch-ppt157-everything-in-this-video-is-a-powerpoint-template.aspx

I keep a folder on all my computer systems that store cool template files that I like and would want to re-use in the future.


Opensource for Courseware you say?

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Kevin Kline (Twitter|@KeKline) wrote up an article on SQLPASS.org about learning opportunities and opensource education couseware. This was news to me that it even existed and I know a lot about free software! There is a consortium http://www.ocwconsortium.org that has a list of the major Universities that participate, including MIT. Very cool.

I am finalist for 2009 Exceptional DBA Award

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Since the Red-Gate software sponsored award website doesn't post much information about us, I thought I would post my application letter so you get a better feel for what I do at work. Thanks for voting - click Vote Now image on this site: http://www.exceptionaldba.com/vote.htm

Best Thing I Learned at PASS Summit

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Update: I won a prize for my short answer to the contest http://summit2009.sqlpass.org/AboutSummit/ROI/BestThingWinners.aspx

How to find leaders in your organization

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Sometimes you wonder how your technical management ever got to be a manager or even a director without knowing the fundamentals of leading people who have emotions and are not like computers. Effective leadership can easily be seen in action, you just don't recognize it until you miss it.

Radio Controlled Fun

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I have always wanted to get into RC vehicles to wind off some workday stress and keep my daughter entertained. Recently I have purchased the Traxxas e-Stampede and an eflite helicopter. Nitroplanes.com has a ton of resources and if you look for the image below, you can find some really inexpensive (<$99) planes ready to fly and I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to have this much fun, so I put an ad on all the pages. Maybe I can get enough kick backs to fix my helicopter ;-)

Employee Benefit Ideas

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It is getting harder and harder to keep good employees. I gathered some ideas from Fortunes top 100 companies to work for as there is always something to learn from people doing it right. 

How to Get Hired

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Even during an economic downturn, there are still many companies hiring good candidates. Here are a couple of tips I gathered from Fortune Magazine and other sources: